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Top 9 Medical scrub colours and know why scrubs are colour coded better.

Hospital uniform colour codes have a unique meaning for each and every colour. Scrubs are available in almost all colours of the rainbow, however what does each one actually mean? Many hospitals demand that staff members wear particular scrub colours. This is sometimes done to set the departments apart so that doctors can be distinguished from nurses and surgeons with ease. Other times, it’s psychological because people react differently to different shades.

In any case, you shouldn’t compromise with the colour of your scrubs. We’ve outlined the various emotions each colour elicits in accordance with colour psychology, as well as the colours that nurses, doctors’ assistants, and phlebotomists most frequently wear.

The different Scrub Colour And Their Meanings


Medical professionals, nurses, and surgeons initially wore white. White was thought to represent purity and cleanliness at the time. Early medical professionals realized white causes a number of problems, and this colour largely began to fade in the medical community. White scrubs literally gave patients headaches, straining their eyes and making them drowsy. Additionally, stains are very difficult to remove from this colour.

Therefore, before wearing white scrubs, give it some serious thought.


When it comes to scrubs, black is a classy option. Black scrubs are a great option if you want to portray a more professional image at work.

While brightly coloured or printed scrubs might be appropriate in some settings, like obstetric and pediatric practises, black medical scrub colour are better suited for adult settings. All skin tones work well with black scrubs. No other colour complements everyone so well as black, with the exception of white. It is common knowledge that wearing black makes you look slimmer.


Depending on the individual, purple can convey a range of emotions. If you wear it, some people might not take you seriously as a licensed medical professional because they think it’s immature or naive. Others see it as a powerful colour , connecting it to majesty and power. However, wearing this colour poses no health risks to patients because it isn’t too stressful on the eyes.

Purple is a popular choice for medical staff who work with children because it is a fun colour.


Red scrubs are the absolute worst colour to wear around many patients. Because blood is red, wearing red scrubs may cause patients to think of their blood, which is the last thing anyone wants when they’re ill. But, it can be a great scrub colour choice if you’re wearing it during an awareness campaign.

Otherwise, avert your eyes from this scrubs colour.


Green is one of the best scrub colour because it is associated with harmony, healing, and feeling of calmness. According to scientific research, looking at green has been shown to lower blood pressure. The fact that it is the colour opposite of red on the colour wheel could be one explanation. Additionally, the colour green makes it simple to conceal bright red blood stains, extending the time between uses of the scrubs before washing.

Last but not least, green reduces a surgeon’s eye strain so they can concentrate during surgery. In other words, wearing green scrubs has no real drawbacks.


Yellow has a strong affinity for warmth and joy. Yellow is sometimes connected to joy and optimism (think of the sun). In an effort to uplift people’s spirits, yellow scrubs might be a good idea for pediatric offices and outpatient facilities.

Your patients and coworkers will feel happier if you wear yellow scrubs.


Brown isn’t a popular scrub colour because it is frequently connected with bodily functions. However, the hue does convey warm, earthy, and non-threatening feelings. Some people even connect the colour with security and reliability. Therefore, it might be time to reevaluate brown as a colour for scrubs.


Grey, despite being a neutral colour, is frequently linked to depression. In fact, research suggests depressed people literally perceive the world in a grayer shade, which may explain why people typically feel more depressed when it’s cloudy outside and happier when it’s sunny.

Therefore, it might be best to avoid wearing grey scrubs so as to reduce the chance of making patients feel depressed.


Scrubs frequently come in blue, and there are good reasons for this. People who are exposed to this colour feel calm and relaxed, which lowers blood pressure and reduces anxiety. Even more so, it increases your credibility. Additionally, it helps surgeons concentrate better on their tasks by balancing the vivid colour of blood. Blood also doesn’t show as much if the blue is darker. Overall, blue is one of the best colour for scrubs.


What is the ideal scrubs colour, then? It ultimately comes down to personal preference, unless your hospital or workplace has a dress code. Green and blue are always excellent options, though some people may prefer pink or purple.

But as long as you keep personal preference, cleanliness, and the comfort of your patients in mind, you’ll make the right decision.

Your scrubs must withstand a lot of wear and tear, and at Upcycled Medical Limited, we understand this. Because of this, we offer specially made men’s and women’s scrubs in fashionable hues used in medical facilities.


Yes, They do have and this blog is completely about those.
Each color gives its own meaning to the medical personnel who is wearing it.
In many hospitals, employees are required to wear specific scrubs. Sometimes, this is done to clearly separate the departments so that doctors, nurses, and surgeons can be easily distinguished from one another.
Blue and Green color scrubs are the best.
The scrub colors for doctors depend on various factors like which department they are dealing with. But largely it is dark blue.
White, Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Grey, Brown, Blue, Red, Purple, Teal, Orange, Burgundy
Black scrubs are considered to be a slimming color, so some nurses and doctors prefer to wear them. In general, black clothing tends to look slick and polished.
Black scrubs are more popular among nurses because they make people look slimmer. Black clothing has a sharp, clean and professional appearance.

The colour for nurses depend on various factors like which department they are dealing with. They go for colors like softer blue, black or pink.